Frequent Questions and Answers


EUROVOD PRO is an exclusive online tool (market, database and networking space) built to collect and disseminate data, developed specially for audiovisual professionals working within the VoD sector

Who can subscribe to EUROVOD PRO?

Any company or individual from the film industry (and/or related to the audiovisual field) and any other companies and professionals who would like to offer services, work within VoD sector, connect to/with the players or share resources and news of the VOD world.

All professionals, from the film, tech, online and creative industries, working in digital distribution, willing to upload, disseminate and find information about the availability of content and film rights, materials and subtitles, technical services and innovative projects, funding opportunities, best practices on marketing and audience development, market analysis and studies related to the VoD sector, but also conferences, trainings and networking events, partnerships, job and business opportunities

Freelancers can subscribe.

Every subscription request pays an annual subscription fee. (promotions and special discount codes may apply)

What do I get if I sign-up to EUROVOD PRO?

Access to an industry DATABASE and a SEARCH ENGINE: showcase your company or even yourself, network and find other players in the VoD sector to develop your project.

JOBS: post and apply for job and work opportunities within the VoD world.

MARKET: an exclusive trading tool to explore existing data bases on right holders, subtitle providers and much more.

REPORTS / RESOURCES: stay up to date on market analysis, studies and information to build your business and audience plan.

TRAINING: get trained with the best professionals of the VoD sector.

NEWS: stay on the loop on the latest trends and data.

BLOG: be part of the community that makes VoD grow.

When will the BETA version of the platform be launched?

The operative beta version will be launched in October 12th 2020.

What will you get if you register NOW?

From the platform’s presentation September 4th 2020 at the Venice Production Bridge until the launching of the BETA VERSION of the platform (October 12th , 2020), subscribers who will benefit from:

  • An exclusive preview of the platform and the pre-site
  • Access to our Report 2020 on European indie VoD services
  • Business ID cards and contacts for EUROVOD members (core and associate) and partners.
  • An exclusive promo code to unlock a 2 weeks trial of the BETA VERSION (From October 12th, 2020)
  • Download material for EVODM and trainings plus VoD Market Day participants.
Are there any promotions or discounts during 2020?

EUROVOD PRO will charge an annual subscription fee.

If you register NOW and before 12th October launching, you’ll get a special early bird adopter promo code for a 14 day FREE trial to unlock the BETA version.

If you register between 12th October and 31 st December 2020, you’ll benefit from a “12 MONTHS HOME OFFICE PROMO”: 50 % discount for early bird sign-ups in 2020. In this way, each subscriber will be charged 100€ total for a 12-month subscription.

2021 sign-ups to EUROVOD PRO V1 will pay the full subscription price of 200€ for a 12-month membership.

How does the subscription work?

Each subscription is attached to a main company profile in which you create your profile, business cards for a professional category, you can share reports, showcase your company or yourself, and get access to professional contacts and business cards, reports, downloadables and profiles. By the end of 2020, you’ll be able to upload news, job offers and more features.

How do I pay for my subscription?

From the launching of the BETA VERSION of the platform (October 12th , 2020) you’ll be able to pay online by credit card (all major credit cards are accepted) and we are developing other payment options.

Once you are logged in to your account and your payment is accepted, EUROVOD PRO will send you an invoice via e-mail.

For more information, discounts and 2020 promotions, please contact eurovod.pro@eurovod.org.

Who powers this project?

EUROVOD PRO is powered by EUROVOD, the European federation of VoD platforms for independent cinema, and co-financed by Creative Europe MEDIA Programme.

Founded in 2010 in France, EUROVOD is the only association of European VoD platforms. With an average of 77% of European content in our aggregated catalogue, EUROVOD strives to defend and promote cultural diversity and the use of Video on Demand as a legal channel for the distribution of audiovisual content. Nowadays, EUROVOD is regrouping under a common umbrella 29 members (core & associate) based in 19 countries, including national, international (covering +73 territories) and global platforms.

The association redefined in 2018 a new strategic approach and new actions.

In only one year, it has gathered almost 200 companies in the activities organized, developing a knowledge economy and a collaborative management within the VoD sector, strengthening the dialogue with the chain of rights and the tech industries, enhancing the circulation of information and transparency, and fostering the cooperation and the development of new common projects.

EUROVOD has also become an inclusive point of reference for the European public policies.

In case you have any other inquiries, you are press or you want to collaborate with the project don’t hesitate to contact us: hello@eurovodpro.org.