The association of European VoD platforms

EUROVOD PRO is an online market and networking place dedicated to the Video on Demand sector

Powered by EUROVOD and co-financed by the Creative Europe MEDIA Programme, EUROVOD PRO was born from the needs of European VoD platforms to network and benchmark, to foster the competitiveness while preserving the cultural diversity, gathering and sharing information and best practices

EUROVOD PRO is open to all audiovisual professionals

It’s a database and a virtual hub to disseminate and find information about the ecosystem around VoD: availability of content and rights, materials and subtitles, technical services and new projects looking for partners, investors and visibility, funding opportunities, sharing of best practices about online distribution, marketing and audience development, market analysis and studies, conferences, trainings and events, along with job search and business opportunities.


EUROVOD is the only established association of European VoD platforms

Created in France in 2010, EUROVOD was redefined in 2018 with a new strategic approach and action to the industry with more than 300 companies involved since then in contributing to the evolution of a knowledge economy and a cooperative management within the VoD sector.

Currently, EUROVOD groups 34 members from 19 countries.

The association represents a range of European Video on Demand (VoD) platforms and stakeholders: national, international and global VoD services with a catalogue of 78% European works on average, but also technical providers as associate members.

Our Objectives


Represent and defend the common interests of the European VoD platform members of the association at a national, European and international level.


Be an inclusive point of reference for European funding schemes and regulations.


Be a forum for exchanging knowledge within the European VoD community and for developing common positions on a range of public policy and regulatory issues.


Facilitate potential collaboration and partnerships within the VoD sector (networking, benchmarking, business development, sharing & pooling experiences).


Defend and promote cultural diversity and the circulation of European audiovisual works.


Strengthen the dialogue with the chain of rights and the tech industries, enhancing transparency and data sharing.


Promote the use of VoD as a legal channel and the economic and cultural importance of the sector for the distribution of audiovisual content.


Our Actions

Network & Benchmark

Enhancing the dialogue and the cooperation among the European VoD platforms and other professionals working in content digital distribution through the organization of professional meetings, workshops, and trainings, sharing expertise and establishing the priorities of the sector.

Connecting VoD professionals, rights holders, and service providers (technical, marketing, trading, etc.)

Developing close relationships and partnerships with AV stakeholders and professional events.

International Representation

Grouping European VoD platforms under a common umbrella.

Developing collective positions on regulatory developments and bringing a unique point of view on the digital market.

Addressing policy makers and speaking on behalf of the European VoD sector as a collective force.

Defending the cultural diversity of our offering, our European catalogue and fragile films and audiovisual works.

Foster Competetiveness

Supporting collaborative approaches and the implementation of new cost-effective tools and projects.

Enhancing the development of business partnerships and the mutualisation of costs and services.

Giving more visibility to our members and supporting initiatives to better target and reach audiences.

Information & Promotion of VoD Business in Europe

Collect and analyzing data of the European independent VoD platforms, providing market studies and reports.

Informing its members about the news on the digital market and the public policies.

Organizing public conferences, events and professional meetings.

What we do


Core Members


Associate Members


Consultatives Members